Alchemy Lunchbox Nutritional Information

Alchemy Lunchbox Nutritional Information

Most nutritionist agree that a range 50-100 Grams of net carbohydrates per day can be considered low-carb. In its simplest format: net carbs are the total carbs, minus the fibre. But sometimes there are issues around the term "net carbs" as some nutritionists feel that this term is hijacked by food manufacturers to make their products appear more "low carb" than they actually are.

As you can see, we have given you the total carbs and you can work out the net carbs, by subtracting the fibre. This shows you that the lunch boxes fit into "low carb" category nicely. For those looking to go especially low carb, here are some guidelines from Dr Andreas Eenfeldt MD, who runs the site:

  • Strict LCHF  <20 gram carbs per day
  • Moderate LCHF  20-50 grams per day
  • Liberal LCHF  50-100 grams per day

A word on calories: some lunch boxes are pretty high in calories. And this is because they contain quite a lot of good fats – yes Paleo caesar, we're talking about you! But not all calories are created equal. Think about it: an avocado versus a Mars bar. Similar in calories, but nutritionally they are miles apart. 

So whilst lots of nutritionists will tell you to ignore the number of calories and instead focus on where the calories are coming from (back to avocado versus Mars bar), in Alchemy, we think it's important you have more info, not less. 

Co-founder Domini Kemp sums it up nicely, "The way I eat nowadays is very different to how I ate even 5 years ago. Throughout my teens, twenties and thirties, I avoided fat at all costs, ate a high carb diet and avoided red meat. I counted calories and looking back, I now know this diet simply did not suit me, which is a real shame because I ADORE carbs! I am now well into my forties and since then, I've flipped my diet upside-down. I go for low carb foods, focus on eating good fats and not too much protein. I keep an eye on calories, but they are the last point of reference."