Our juices are cold pressed, raw and unpasteurised. Our juices are not made in centrifugal juicers that heat up and oxidize the juice, potentially destroying the goodness. They are bottled and pressed, six days a week. The flavours and combinations have been carefully selected by our nutritional experts. Our juices have body, no pulp and are pure. They are not subjected to HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) and are not frozen.

If you have a weakened immune system, or are very old or very young, then you do need to take on board that this is a raw, unpasteurized product. However, our vegetables and fruit have been washed in raw cider vinegar. Our raw juices will leave you felling fully energised as the living nutrients in the juices deliver vitamins, minerals and live enzymes that cleanse, heal and nourish.  Our goal is to provide nourishing clean fuel for the mind, body, and spirit.

Warning: Very young children, the elderly, those with diabetes, candida and those recovering from illness should not follow a detox programme without professional supervision. However it is more than safe to juice regularly on a daily basis. 


Our smoothies are pretty fabulous. Or so we've been told. Some are easier going than others: the Booty Mint & Lemonade Crush is refreshing and zingy, perfect for a sunny day. The fruitier ones like the Slush Puppy or Berry Buddy are great ways to get some more fruit into you. The OMG is an unbelievable treat - really delicious as long as you like almond milk and butter. Some contain almond milk or coconut water plus a range of options that will appeal to those requiring no carbs and lots of good fats (Kale crush) or those who need some good fats in a palatable way - think about our Green Brute. We've got a liquid breakfast or lunch for everyone.

We've also given you the option of adding some bits and pieces to your smoothies, such as bee pollen, spirulina and chlorella, so you can customize your own smoothies.

Nutritious and delicious.