With the weather getting warmer - we hope! - salads are becoming even more popular! That’s why here in our restaurant in Kildare Village, we have the best ones around!

Check them out here:

KOREAN CHICKEN: Sticky grilled Irish chicken, mixed greens, pickled cucumber, carrot, spring onion, mango, crisp onions, sesame dressing

VEGAN JAPANESE MISO BOWL: Leaf spinach, red rice, pickled kohlrabi & carrot, roasted aubergine with miso & sesame, edamame, crisp onions, tamari & ginger dressing

SALMON MISO BOWL: Charred Irish salmon, leaf spinach, red rice, pickled kohlrabi & carrot, roasted aubergine, edamame, crisp onions with miso & sesame, tamari & ginger dressing

CHILLI BEEF NOODLE SALAD: Grilled Irish beef, roast Portobello mushrooms, spinach, mange tout, Asian vegetable ‘noodles’ glass noodles, tamari, ginger, tahini dressing, sesame seeds, crisp onions, cashew nut brittle

SALMON POKE BOWL: Marinated Irish salmon, spinach, wasabi, sesame & citrus, red rice, pickled carrot, cucumber & kohlrabi, edamame, avocado, spring onion, cucumber, radish, snow peas

ASIAN BREAKFAST BOWL: Baked eggs, Asian greens, avocado, sesame, spinach, sweet potato & portobello

VEGAN SUPER CAESAR: Kale, avocado, tahini dressing, edamame, nutritional yeast, cashew brittle, sweet potato.


Team Alchemy