Last week, chef Domini Kemp and nutritional therapist Patricia Daly mBANT, rCNHC, both two-time cancer survivors and authors of ‘The Ketogenic Kitchen’, presented a free public talk at the Fumbally Stables about the relationship between food and cancer and what the latest research says.


The talk was, like last year’s one, fully subscribed as there is such huge interest in this subject. Domini and Patricia shared the latest research from the cancer researchers, doctors and oncologists from all over the world who are constantly investigating the subject and the links between diet and ill health.

The links between diet and cancer prevention and treatment are becoming more and more apparent and harder to ignore. The passion with which people talk about this subject highlights how emotional and topical it is; however, it is essential that this area of food and health be discussed in an open and safe environment. It is also, of course, vital that patients are allowed to have their say.

Interestingly, Domini also attended a conference in the prestigious Gustave Roussy institute in Paris, widely recognised as Europe’s premier cancer centre. Called ‘Rethinking Cancer’, it brought together patients, scientists, clinicians, dietitians and oncologists to examine the important but under-investigated area of cancer research: the role of diet and metabolism for cancer control. It heard of new research showing the benefits of diet for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatment, which is exactly what Domini and Patricia are most interested in.

We’ve attached here a short video of Domini and Patricia presenting their talk at the Fumbally.

Domini will also be talking at the Food on the Edge symposium in Galway on October 9th and 10th. More here:

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