As you know, we take our coffee pretty seriously here in Alchemy. This is partly because of our association with Joe's speciality coffee shops and with coffee aficionado Roark Cassidy and Joe's head barista Mate. That's one of the reasons we also use beans from The Barn in Berlin.

However, Alchemy founder Domini Kemp is also pretty serious about good coffee.  So we decided to share this great piece in The Irish Times recently about what speciality coffee kit the pros use at home to get the best brew.

Here's what the Barn-loving, Chemex-using Domini had to say: 

“The MoccaMaster is a really sophisticated machine which makes excellent coffee and looks absolutely gorgeous. So although I currently use a Chemex which is a really simple way of making delicious coffee, I am going to get the MoccaMaster – because all you have to do is press a button, it’s so easy. Our main roaster at Joe’s is Ralf Rueller from The Barn in Berlin. Their roasting style is Nordic and they take great pride in sourcing ethically and sustainably so this is what I drink at home – buying in small quantities (€11.50-€12.50) and going through it quite quickly. I should also be grinding my coffee, but know my limits in the morning so I understand why some people say making fresh coffee is too much hassle, but delicious coffee is like delicious food, you get back what you put in.”

To read the full piece, go here:

Team Alchemy