As you know, our house coffees come from The Barn in Berlin run by the legendary Ralf Rueller. This is partly because of our relationship with speciality coffee shop Joe’s Dublin, but mainly because The Barn roast such fine coffee.

So we thought we'd share some of their philosophy on coffee with you, which will explain why we love working with them:

  1. "Being served by some of the finest coffee shops worldwide, The Barn represents the specialty coffee movement at its highest level. 
  2. Unique quality approach is what made us The Barn. We give farmers incentives to produce higher qualities. We never blend any of our coffees to showcase clean flavours and terroir. Everything we buy is fresh in season and scores 86 points or higher. This makes our coffee so very special.
  3. Nordic roasting at The Barn: We have perfected our production process to roast our coffees light and at the same time we develop the sweetness and body of our coffees. To keep them clean and tasty. The result is a fully flavoured cup.
  4. At The Barn only dedicated coffee lovers work. Everything is about making our coffees better. Our talented staff take ownership and great pride in their handmade craft. The customers experience a friendly, competent and passionate member of our crew.
  5. Integration is crucial. We run our quality control on highest levels. Feedback on flavour, roast, brew behaviour is given by our skilled baristas and flows directly into our production. This is how we achieve the great consistency of our roasts.
  6. Sustainable coffee farming is very important to The Barn. The only way to achieve that is to build close bonds to farmers, show them how to get better - and then pay up for the quality they are producing. We pay a price up to three times higher than Fair Trade. Premium pricing leads to premium quality. Simple as that.
  7. The Barn family: we like to stay close to all our business partners and friends. We guide them in using our coffees to get the best results. Those relationships are driving us to better performance."

We are very proud to be working so closely with Joe’s and Ralf and the Barn team!!

For more on The Barn, go here:

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