Folks, we are delighted that the best-selling Ketogenic Kitchen by Alchemy founder Domini Kemp and nutritional therapist Patricia Daly is about to be launched in the United States by Chelsea Green Publishing. It is so great to see an Irish book like this be given its own launch in the US and we are very very proud of the boss.

If you want to know more, these two videos featuring Domini and Patricia will give you a really good introduction to both low-carb, high-fat eating and the ketogenic diet:

Introduction to low-carb, high-fat eating by Domini Kemp: 

Meet Domini Kemp, an author of The Ketogenic Kitchen

Introduction to ketogenic cooking by Patricia Daly: 

Meet Patricia Daly, an author of The Ketogenic Kitchen

To find out more about the US launch, go here:

And you will find this dedicated website is also a great resource with recipes and more videos:

Many thanks and best of luck to Domini and Patricia.

Team Alchemy