It is so great to see the amazing new book, The Ketogenic Kitchen by Alchemy founder Domini Kemp and nutritional therapist Patricia Daly, doing so well. It really is an important book written by two people who have had cancer (twice each!) and are so passionate about healthy eating in general and about making the best possible dietary choices when going through treatment such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery.

Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly at the launch of The Ketogenic Kitchen in BT2 Grafton Street. Photo: Conor O Mearain

Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly at the launch of The Ketogenic Kitchen in BT2 Grafton Street. Photo: Conor O Mearain

In the book, they share with you exciting nutritional developments about the benefits of a diet low in carbohydrates and high in (good) fat. This food philosophy has the welcome side effects of weight management, higher energy levels and glowing good health for all! And there are plenty of tasty, healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes for all the family.

Here are extracts from some of the reviews of the book:

"All in all, there was nothing I made from this book that I will not make again, in addition to the many earmarked recipes I have added to my must-try list from it. For  me, a cookbook should be made of more than just a collection of projects and instructions, it should be a source of inspiration for your own dishes and a catalyst for experiments and the Ketogenic Kitchen delivers this in bucket-loads. Domini and Patricia have given so much of themselves, generous with both their collective knowledge as a chef and a nutritional therapist and their very personal stories as survivors. Their unique, pioneering contribution to a field of vital importance is a must-read for anyone and everyone, packed with delicious recipes to boot."

- Darina Coffey in (

“Whether you are facing treatment, going through recovery or simply want to choose food that helps to keep you healthy in the long term, Domini and Patricia's fantastic new book will be your best friend in the kitchen, packed with revolutionary advice and delicious recipes. 
The authors also share their startling personal stories of battling cancer and their research into ground-breaking new ways to feed your body for optimal health.
Divided into two sections; the Low-carb Way contains easy low-carb recipes bursting with flavour and nourishment that will guide you on your path to optimum wellness while the Ketogenic Way will help you through periods of illness, recovery and treatment.”

- (

“We also received so much encouragement from friends and family that eventually we came to the same conclusion that people needed an up-to-date resource where they could find out about following a low- carb diet that could progress towards a ketogenic diet, with lots of nutritional information about which foods to eat, which foods to avoid as well as options for when you are going through treatment and feeling poorly.”

- Domini in an interview in The Irish Times with Caitriona McBride (

“The book is in two parts. The first half by Kemp gives low carb recipes. The second is aimed at someone who wants to go full keto with a practical meal planner to avoid having to prepare something from scratch three times a day. Both sections are full of great family friendly recipes. (The no-drizzle three-minute mayonnaise is worth the cover price alone). It’s a serious book that doesn’t take itself too seriously, perhaps the only one in its genre where you’ll see wheatgrass described as tasting like silage.”

- Catherine Cleary in The Irish Times (

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