We were delighted to host the launch of The Ketogenic Kitchen by Alchemy founder Domini Kemp and nutritional therapist Patricia Daly here in BT2 last Tuesday. It was a really great evening with a huge turnout. All were agreed that the book was much more than a cookbook and was indeed a way to change your eating habits forever and pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Nicki Howard of Gill Books, which publishes The Ketogenic Kitchen, also revealed at the launch that the book had been snapped up by an American publisher which means it will get distributed in the United States. That is huge news for any Irish book and we are thrilled for Domini and Patricia.

Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly at the launch of The Ketogenic Kitchen in BT2 Grafton Street. Photo: Conor O Mearain

Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly at the launch of The Ketogenic Kitchen in BT2 Grafton Street. Photo: Conor O Mearain

The book itself was launched by the legendary and hugely knowledgeable John McKenna of McKenna’s Guides. He spoke so eloquently about how important the book was for people interested in eating well and for those going through treatment for serious illness or aiming to reduce the risk of contracting one. He rather aptly said that The Ketogenic Kitchen was “a health service that actually worked”.

John also mentioned the ‘Low carb. High fat. Extraordinary health’ theme of the book, saying how crucial it is that we reassess our approach to eating and acknowledge that ‘good’ fats are not ‘bad’. He also mentioned this article by Ian Leslie in The Guardian which got more than one million hits recently:
Definitely worth reading!

Patricia and Domini also spoke on the night about the separate journeys that led them to writing The Ketogenic Kitchen together. Both have had cancer and gone through rigorous treatment for it. Both pointed out that their book was not about replacing conventional medical treatment but about making sure you are in as good condition as possible when undergoing it. When you buy the book, you will be able to read more about their fascinating and extremely moving stories. They are both very practical women who knew they had to look into what was happening to their bodies during treatment and we are lucky they have produced such a fantastic and useful book.

You can also listen to them talking to Shane Coleman on The Pat Kenny Show on Newstalk here: http://www.newstalk.com/podcasts/The_Pat_Kenny_Show/The_Pat_Kenny_Show_Highlights/135787/How_can_food_help_your_battle_with_cancer

And here’s another medical professional talking about The Ketogenic Kitchen:

“What you eat, (and don’t eat), how you eat, the amount you eat, the nutritional supplements you take, the way you manage your stress and emotions, the support you receive, the amount of rest, physical activity and sleep you get, and the level of happiness, awareness and meaning you have in your life, all play a vital role in the cancer recovery process. Lets take the first one – what you eat (and don’t eat). When I provide advise to clients with cancer, I talk about two very different diets. The pesco-vegetarian, Mediterranean style diet and the Ketogenic diet. Of course there are many other options, but these are the two I focus on. They both have pros and cons. If someone is highly motivated, willing to learn about the ketogenic diet and committed to being on the Ketogenic diet (and has the support of those within their household) then this is often the best option – especially if that client has high fasting insulin / glucose levels and/or is overweight. If someone lacks motivation, and doesn’t really care about food, then we focus on cutting out sugar and processed foods, avoiding foods to which they are sensitive/intolerant and maximizing nutrient intake. Some clients start with a Ketogenic diet and then transition to a Mediterranean diet after six months or so. Others will remain on the Ketogenic diet. Why? Because they feel great! The challenge was, up until now, a lack of access to Ketogenic recipes that taste great. That has all changed with the arrival of the Ketogenic Kitchen. The Ketogenic Kitchen is a wonderful, practical resource for the person who wants to improve their health by shifting to ketone–based metabolism. This is the cookbook that my clients and I have have been waiting for!”

Dr. Mark Atkinson MBBS
Mind-Body Medicine Physician, Cancer Recovery Advisor & Developer of the Cancer Recovery by Design Program

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy the book. It is truly a wonderful resource to have with so many tasty, healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes.

Team Alchemy