The superfab Roz Purcell will join Domini and Peaches Kemp in their restaurant, Table, in Brown Thomas Cork on Friday, April 8th for a three-course meal and a nutritional talk and Q&A! As you will no doubt already know, Roz has a great new book out called 'Natural Born Feeder' which has proved hugely popular with healthy eating folk all over Ireland.

Roz Purcell in Alchemy Juice Co in BT2 Grafton St

Roz Purcell in Alchemy Juice Co in BT2 Grafton St

Here's Roz on why she wrote the book: 

"I began Natural Born Feeder in 2013 to document my love of cooking and to share my recipes. My approach to cooking is simple: use whole foods to live a whole life. Having developed a negative relationship with food that led me to make unhealthy choices, I changed my lifestyle by rediscovering my love of cooking. I used my passion for food to develop the tasty recipes that fuel the body, providing the energy and vitality needed to look and feel great. For me a healthy lifestyle isn’t about extremes, it’s about balance.

"What is my food philosophy? I’m not someone who advocates a certain type of diet and I love exploring with vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, raw recipes and so on. I am by no means ‘anti’ any food groups and I appreciate that people will have differing requirements for their way of living.

I do, however, have one criteria: I use only whole foods. I avoid processed goods, aspartame and foods containing words and additives I can’t even pronounce! Cooking like this may appear more time-consuming but I can guarantee you that the end result is far more rewarding not only for your health, but for the all important eating experience and the salivating taste buds."

Tickets for the Brown Thomas event in Cork cost €35 per person, which includes the three-course meal inspired by Roz’s bestselling cook-book Natural Born Feeder.

To book your place, call 0818 303062 or email

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