We hope you had a great January and that you felt the benefits of eating clean and healthy after the excesses of Christmas. But it’s still worth keeping the effort going, although no one is saying that you have to live like a monk. It’s all about eating a bit lighter, avoiding processed foods and giving our system a break from those times when we do indulge ourselves.

So here’s the Alchemy advice: we try to encourage people to eat lighter food for a few days every now and again and we sell the attached programme to help with that. All our salad boxes, soups and stews are wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free; they are also full of good fats and proteins and lots of greens.

We also don't push juice-only cleanses on our customers, as they are hard to do and can be a bit like binge-dieting. They are also really hard to do when the weather is cold! By eliminating wheat, dairy and refined foods from your diet for a few days or a week, it can really help you feel better.

We also still have our bone broth on this spring: it is made with grass-fed bones that are simmered for 48 hours and flavoured with ginger and turmeric. This is an amazing boost for skin and joints. 

Domini’s favourite juices at this time of year are the Mean Greens and the Anti-Everything. The Anti-Everything orange-coloured juice has black bits floating around in it and flax oil: this is because the turmeric in it – which is one the most anti-inflammatory foods you can consume – needs essential fatty acids and black pepper to help it break down so it can be absorbed properly.

If you tend to eat a lot of meat or are vegan or vegetarian, we suggest having a "superfood salad", but if you're staying reasonably active during these days of "cleaner" eating, then a little more protein can be helpful. Our smoothies – especially the Green Brute – is also a delicious way of getting lots of goodness into you, plus good fats which are so essential for your skin. For years, we have all been brain-washed into thinking that we should be avoiding fat. This advice is being turned on its head.

The main thing is not to be miserable and starving when trying to adapt better eating habits. Our food is all extremely healthy and it's really an opportunity to eat well and light for a few days without the hassle of having to make it at home.

Check out the Alchemy Spring Clean Programme on the attached poster! To order a three-day supply for delivery, please email hello@alchemyjuice.ie. Delivery available with 24-hour notice to most Dublin areas. Delivery charge may apply.

Thanks and good luck.
Team Alchemy