Domini Kemp, Alchemy founder and author of The Ketogenic Kitchen, appeared on the Ciara Kelly radio show 'Alive and Kicking' on Newstalk last Sunday to discuss the book, the diet, low-carb eating and the scientific evidence backing them up. It was a fascinating discussion, as always.

However, some people still tend to dismiss it as 'nutribabble', so we are posting this article by Domini and her co-author Patricia Daly to clear that up:

"Since we published our book “The Ketogenic Kitchen“, there has been some misinformation spread about the ketogenic diet. We would like to clear this up with the following facts.

FACT: The ketogenic diet is not a fad diet. It is currently being used effectively in the treatment of epilepsy in some patients. It is a diet that should be pursued only with the approval and involvement of members of your multi-disciplinary medical team.

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FACT: Scientific, evidence-based research has shown that a ketogenic diet can also have benefits as an adjuvant in the treatment of some cancers, particularly brain tumours. These are pre-clinical trials, but are showing positive results that cannot be ignored. We believe it is worth cancer patients knowing this information.

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FACT: To date, the best (known) way to treat cancer is with surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Immunotherapies are becoming increasingly available, too. There is no ‘silver bullet’ preventative measure or treatment for cancer. Nowhere in our book do we claim this.

FACT: When undergoing the above treatments, it is vital that patients are in the best physical health possible, which is why exercise and a healthy diet are recommended. Our book uses the most up-to-date research from around the world to show what the most appropriate diet now is. However, we stress: no one diet fits all.

FACT: A low-carb, high healthy fat diet is consistently being shown as a compelling option for patients being treated for cancer, as well as for wider society seeking to stay healthy and lean.

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FACT: Sugar – and how our body reacts to it – is now being shown to be the root cause of a range of metabolic diseases. This is now accepted by many well-respected institutions.

For an overview: Sugar the evidence.

FACT: Experts in the field of metabolism report that on a carbohydrate-rich diet, the body is often not capable of “maintaining a constant level of glucose”. In many people – especially those with metabolic derangements (which includes a lot of cancer patients) – blood sugars are NOT constant. Rather, they go constantly up and down and in some people they end up staying elevated (so-called “hyperglycaemia”). Unless this is taken control of, this is not good news for cancer incidence. A low-carb and possibly a ketogenic diet, alongside other lifestyle factors, has been shown to stabilise blood sugars at a lower, steady level.

As Peter Attia, MD, states on the subject of ketosis: “If you want to actually understand this topic, you must invest the time and mental energy to do so.” And that’s what we did. We invite other healthcare professionals to do the same!

We would welcome the opportunity to continue discussions that contribute to the best possible dietary suggestions for patients undergoing conventional treatment for cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Why? Because we don’t think the current guidelines are sufficient. We leave this statement open to interpretation. And because as two people who have had cancer twice each and who have done an immense amount of research into many different approaches, we believe we can help.

Reports suggest only about 5 per cent of cancer patients see a dietician. Our book empowers patients to look at diet themselves and allows them to become part of the treatment process. It is widely accepted that this integrative approach to treatment is what is best for patients.

“The Ketogenic Kitchen” contains ideal recipes for this, some of which are also very calorie dense if a patient suffers from any of the cancers that are particularly susceptible to weight loss- namely lung, gastric, head/neck and pancreatic cancer. The book gives cancer patients what they need most: options!

Thank you.

Domini Kemp and Patricia Daly BA (Hons), dipNT, mBANT, rCNHC, mNTOI

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Team Alchemy

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