Doris Choi

Doris Choi is beyond gorgeous. A health food chef, instructor, and menu consultant, specializing in raw and/or plant based foods. Oh and did we mention she's also co-author of the New York Times best seller,  The Fresh Energy Cookbook which is the essential companion guide to The Raw Food  Detox Diet by Natalia Rose. I'm extra lucky because Doris is also my sister in law which means I get to spend 2 weeks every summer cooking with her, learning from her and being a very grateful recipient of all her culinary and nutritional wisdom.  Doris' recipes emphasize living foods in digestible combinations, ideal for optimal cellular health, nutrition, energy, weight loss, and satisfaction. She has also helped us with our juice menus and smoothies and is someone we regularly consult with to keep us informed of changes that we should be incorporating to our menus.
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Patricia Daly


I've been a huge fan of Patricia since meeting her in 2013 post my own cancer diagnosis. I was struck by how thorough and deep her knowledge of nutrition is. It was a whole new world of information to start disseminating and brought the notion of healthy eating to a whole new level. Patricia Daly is a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist (BA Hons, dipNT, mBANT, mNTOI) and following her own cancer diagnosis (back in 2008 ) , she started studying nutrition and specialising in the area of Integrative Cancer Care. Patricia has worked with hundreds of cancer patients in Ireland and abroad and in January 2014, she published her first eBook “Practical Keto Meal Plans for Cancer.” She lectures at the lrish Institute of Nutrition and Health and is a regular contributor to magazines and newspapers on the benefits of good nutrition and in 2014, Patricia established an online business serving cancer patients, their carers and other healthcare professionals. Several of her recipes are on the Alchemy menu, including the Ketogenic porridge and the Keto-crush Smoothie, both perfect for those really keen to restrict their carbohydrate in-take and substitute it with plenty of good fats. 

In 2016 we published our best-selling book, "The Ketogenic Kitchen" specializing in both low-carb and ketogenic recipes. We have been absolutely delighted with the response and the book is also available in the USA. For more information, please go to

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Susan Jane White

Susan is a nutritional whirlwind: hugely intelligent and well informed, with a deep understanding of the connection between the food we eat and our energy levels. I christened her my "food fairy" back in 2013 when I was going through Chemo and would see a text telling me to look outside on my doorstep. There I would find something beautifully wrapped and utterly delicious. Her kindness is only exceeded by her unbeatable knowledge and fantastic ability as a nutritional cook and talented writer, whose best-selling books, "The Extra Virgin Kitchen" and "The Virtuous Tart", proudly sit on my shelves and both of which are regularly consulted. Susan gets it. She really does because she has been that soldier who has battled her own health issues and come out the far side, fighting for good food and personal change. We are delighted to have worked with her on the Alchemy menus at the start and her legions of fans will recognise some of her signature dishes.


Domini & Peaches Kemp

As Alchemy continues to evolve, we hope to continue on this nutritional road of discovery. New menus, new ideas and new information will be incorporated into everything we do, so that our food, juices and smoothies are up to the minute. We hope you will enjoy this journey of great nutrition with us. We are not on a crusade, but rather trying to offer something for those who want more from their food.

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